Since 1998, Mon Air Tour LLC has been continuously selling international flight tickets. Currently, we have the national air carrier MIAT, Aero Mongolia, and airlines such as Korean Air, Air China, Turkish Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Aeroflot, Jeju Airlines, and T-way Air, which have direct flights to our country, as well as the total number of direct flights through cities. It sells tickets for about 290 airlines from more than 120 countries. At the same time, since 2023, we have become the contracted agent of the Russian Ir Aero airline in our country, and we are working on the possibility of selling direct two-way flights to Irkutsk from Ulaanbaatar and local tickets in Russia flying through Irkutsk.
We are also working on the development of the M-Trip application, which is a platform for mobile phones and all kinds of tablet devices, and will introduce it to users in 2024 in order to enable our customers to buy their flight tickets faster from their location.

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